Bob the Bong and Buddies

Bob the Bong & Buddies” is a new series by Yu-San Moon that parodies the drug culture, computer games, politics, and everyday life through the use of cartoon drug-paraphernalia-like characters.  Even though the characters themselves are named and look like devices used for illicit and legal drug use, the series has a very heavy anti-drug theme that shows throughout the stories.  The series is meant not to glamorize drug-use, but rather to parody the hypocrisy of both sides (the users and the government)  on the failed “War on Drugs” of the 80’s.

The series will mainly focus on the main character, Bob the Bong, a solitary semi-professional basketball player, his family, his friends, his enemies, and his neighbors.  Bob the Bong lives with his wife, Vicky the Vaporizer; his son, Harry the Hookah; his Uncle Jerry the Joint (who is also the founder of the town of Parha-Fernalia where the series takes place) and his sidekick, Blaargh!; and the family pet, Lil’ Petey the Pipey.  Above them live their insufferable neighbor and landlord who is always demanding the rent and telling Bob the Bong what he is doing wrong.

Next door to the left of Bob the Bong, live the two members of the Omega Omega Omega fraternity (the very last fraternity), who are always causing trouble for Bob the Bong and his family.  Next door to the right of Bob the Bong is a crack den housing his two other neighbors who are the town whore and the town thief.  They aren’t much better neighbors than the Omega Omega Omega fraternity.  Outside of Bob the Bong’s house, on the corner, lives the town bum who is always hitting him up for spare change and unsuccessfully attempting to clean his windshield with anything he finds on the ground.  Keeping the peace in the town is the local sheriff and his family, who aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.

The series also pokes fun at the insanity that exists in the drug-culture known as “4:20“.  Even though there is no factual evidence can be found as to the origin of this counter-culture ritual, it is a well-known event even by people who are not involved in the scene.  To parody this fad in the series, when the clock strikes 4:20 in Parha-Fernalia, everyone in the town engages in a “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse“-esque outburst and often break out into song and dance and other wacky and zany antics instead of indulging in prohibited activites.

Below you will find an exclusive WordPress preview of the introductions to the main characters of the fictional town of Parha-Fernalia, Pencilvania.  The drawings below are depicted in a trading card-like fashion, which signed copies will be available as promotional items once the series is ready for production.

Enjoy the preview. – Yu-San Moon, MHI

All works contained within are (C) 2009 Yu-San Moon, MHI

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